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D BF 176Psychological testing
siehe auch BF 698 Personality
D HM 253Sociometry
D LB 1028Pädagogisch-psychologische Diagnostik
D W 18Diagnostic in medical education
D WM 105Psychosoziale Messinstrumente. Persönlichkeitsmessung
E BF 176Evaluation of psychological tests
E H 62Evaluation of social sciences
siehe auch H 62 Social sciences, Research
E LB 1028Evaluation of educational research
E LB 3050Evaluation of educational tests and measurements
E Q 180Evaluation of scientific research
E W 18Evaluation of medical education
E W 20.5Evaluation of medical research
M BF 176Methodology in psychological tests and research
M H 62Methodology in social sciences
siehe auch H 62 Social sciences, Research
M HM 24Methodology in sociology
M LB 1028Methodology in educational research
M LB 3050Methodology in educational tests and measurements
M W 20.5Methodology in medical research
M WA 105Epidemiological methods
siehe auch WA 105 Epidemiology
S BF 39Statistical methods in psychology
S HA 29Theory and methods of social sciences statistics
S HN 25Statistical methods in sociology
S LB 1028Statistical methods in educational research
S Q 180Statistical methods in science research
S QA 276Mathematical statistical methods
S QH 405Statistical methods in science
S WA 105Statistics in epidemiology
siehe M WA 105 Epidemiological methods
S WA 950Theory and methods of medical statistics
T BF 698Tests. Personality testing
siehe auch BF 698 Personality
T LB 1028Tests in educational research
T W 18Tests in medical education
BPhilosophy (general)
B 67Methodology. Relation to other topics
siehe B 69 General works
B 69General works
B 105Philosophy of special topics
B 80420th century
B 3198Individual philosophers (Primär- und Sekundärliteratur)
BC 71General works, 1801- ...
BDSpeculative Philosophy
BD 161Epistemology: Theory of knowledge. General works, 1801- ...
BD 241Methodology General works, 1801- ...
BD 511Cosmology General works, 1801- ...
BF 77Study and teaching General works
BF 105History 20th century
BF 161Mind and body General works
BF 175Psychoanalysis
siehe WM 460 Psychoanalysis
BF 176Psychological tests and testing
siehe Diagnostik, Evaluation, Methodik
siehe T BF 698 Tests
BF 203Gestalt psychology
siehe WM 420 Psychotherapy
BF 233Sensation. Aesthesiology General works, 1801- ...
BF 311General works
BF 318Learning
siehe BF 441 Thought and thinking
siehe auch LB 1049 Methods of study
BF 321Apperception. Attention
BF 325Comprehension. Understanding
siehe BF 311 General works
BF 335Habit. Adjustment
siehe BF 311 General works
BF 353Environmental psychology
siehe BF 311 General works
BF 371Association and reproduction of ideas, Memory
siehe BF 311 General works
BF 408Creative processes. Imagination. Invention
siehe BF 311 General works
BF 431Intelligence. Mental ability
BF 441Thought and thinking: General works
BF 444Thought and thinking: Information processing
siehe BF 441 General works
BF 448Thought and thinking: Decision making
siehe BF 441 General works
BF 449Thought and thinking: Problem solving
siehe BF 441 General works
BF 455Psycholinguistics. Psychology of meaning
BF 481Work [Arbeitspsychologie] (Planspiele. Führung)
siehe HF 5549 Personnel management)
BF 503Motivation
BF 511General works
BF 575Emotion
BF 632Will. Volition. Choice. Control
BF 637Applied psychology
siehe auch HM 258 Communication. Sociolinguistics
siehe auch HM 131 Social groups
siehe auch HM 134 Gruppendynamik;(NLP --> siehe WM 420 Psychotherapy general);
BF 683Comparative psychology, Motivation
siehe BF 503 Motivation
BF 692Psychology of sex. Sexual behavior. Sex role
siehe HO 21 Sexuality
BF 697Differential psychology. Individuality
BF 698General works
siehe auch T BF 698 Test
siehe auch D BF 176 Psychological testing
BF 713General works
siehe auch HO 783 Socialization
siehe auch WS 350 Childpsychiatry
BF 721Child psychology
siehe BF 713 General works
BF 724Adolescence. Youth. Adulthood
siehe BF 713 General works
BF 789Psychology of other special subjects
BJ 991General works
HSocial sciences (general)
H 61Theory. Method. Social philosophy
H 62Study and teaching. Research
siehe auch E H 62 Evaluation of social sci. Research
siehe auch M H 62 Methodology in social sci. Research
HBEconomic theory. Demography
HB 171General works
HB 1321Death. Mortality
siehe HB 171 General works
HB 1954Population geography
siehe HB 171 General works
HCEconomic history and conditions
HC 21General works
HDIndustries. Land use. Labor
HD 30Organization of production
HD 4901General works
HF 5548Industrial psychology
siehe BF 481 Work
HF 5549Personnel management. Employment management. Career development
(Arbeitspsychologie --> siehe BF 481 Work)
HM 24Theory. Method. Relation to other subjects
HM 48Research
HM 51General works
HM 101General works
HM 107Anthropological sociology
siehe HM 101 General works
HM 110Human body
siehe BF 161 Mind and body
HM 131General works
siehe auch BF 637 Applied psychology
HM 132Interpersonal relations
HM 134Group relations training
siehe auch BF 637 Applied psychology
siehe auch LB 1032 Group work
HM 136Individualism. Differentiation. Struggle
HM 201Social elements. Social forces. Social laws General works
HM 251General works
HM 253Sociometry
siehe M HM 24 Methodology in Sociology
HM 258Communication. Sociolinguistics
siehe auch BF 637 Applied psychology
HM 259Social influence
HM 291Social role. Phenomenological sociology. Social structure. Social interaction. Deviant behavior
HNSocial history and conditions. Social problems. Social reform
HN 16History. 20th century. General works
HQFamily. Marriage. Woman
HQ 21Sexuality. Sexual life
HQ 783Socialization. Social learning
siehe auch BF 713 Developmental psychology
siehe auch WS 350 Childpsychiatry
HQ 796Youth. Adolescent. Teenager
siehe HO 783 Socialization
HQ 1061Aged. Gerontology. Retirement
HQ 1206Women. Feminism
HTCommunities. Classes. Races
HT 151Urban groups. The city
HT 687Classes
HVSocial pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology
HV 40Social service. Social work. Charity organization
HV 697Protection, assistance and relief
HV 4998Substance abuse. Tobacco habit
LAHistory of education
LA 183History of higher education
LBTheory and practice of education [Pädagogik]
LB 17Modern comprehensive works. Encyclopedias. Handbooks
LB 1025General works
LB 1028Educational research
LB 1032Group work
siehe auch HM 134 Group relation training
LB 1033Teacher-student relationship
siehe LB 1025 General works
LB 1043Audiovisual education. Audiovisual material
LB 1049Methods of study
(Lernpsychologie --> siehe BF 441 Thought and thinking)
LB 1051General works
LB 1061Special aspects
LB 1065Learning: Motivation. Interest. Attention
siehe auch BF 503 Motivation
LB 1115Child study: General works
siehe auch BF 783 Developmental psychology
LB 1507Primary education
siehe LB 1555 Elementary or public school education
LB 1555Elementary or public school education General works
LB 1607Secondary education. High schools General works
LB 1707Education and training of teachers General works
LB 2321Higher education [Mittelschule, Universität] General works, 1801- ... [Hochschuldidaktik]
LB 2331Special aspects of higher education
LB 2340Supervision and administration
siehe LB 2805 Scholl administration and organization
LB 2343Student guidance and counselling (for students)
(Lernmethoden --> siehe LB 1049 Methods of study)
LB 2351Admission and entrance requirements
LB 2361Curriculum
LB 2366College examinations
LB 2375Exchange of students
siehe LB 2331 Special aspects of higher education
LB 2395Methods of study
LB 2396Tutoring
siehe LB 2331 Special aspects of higher education
LB 2805General works
LB 2832Teaching personnel
siehe LB 2805 General works
LB 2936Switzerland
LB 3050Educational tests, measurements and evaluation
siehe E LB 3050 Evaluation of educational tests
siehe M LB 3050 Methodology in educational tests
LB 3060Classification of pupils
siehe LB 2805 General works
LCSpecial aspects of education
LC 191Education and society
LC 980General works
LC 1011Humanistic education. Liberal education
siehe LC 980 General works
LC 1043Vocational education
siehe LC 980 General works
LC 3993Education of exceptional children, gifted children
siehe LB 1115 Child study
LC 5215General works
LC 6515Lyceums and lecture courses. Forums General works
(College lectures --> siehe LB 2321 Higher education
QScience (general)
Q 125History General works
Q 130Women in science
siehe HQ 1206 Women
Q 175Philosophy. Methodology
Q 180Research
Q 223Communication in science
Q 295System theory
Q 310Cybernetics
Q 360Information theory
siehe Q 310 Cybernetics
QA 36General works
QA 76Electronic computers. Computer science
QA 276Mathematical statistics, Multivariate analysis
siehe S QA 276 Mathematical statistical methods
QB 981Cosmogony. Cosmology
siehe SO 494 Cosmology
QC 21General works
QHNatural history
QH 307General works
QH 366Evolution
siehe OH 307 General works
QH 430Genetics General works
QH 541Ecology General works
QH 581Cytology. Cell biology General works
QSHuman Anatomy
QS 4General works
QTHuman Physiology
QT 4General works
QUMedical Biochemistry
QU 4General works
QU 18.2Educational materials
QV 4General works
QV 38Drug action
QV 55Drugs (general)
QV 350Antibiotics
QV 600Toxicology
QV 736Drug industry. Economics of pharmacy
QV 748Prescription writing. Dosage
QV 771Standardization and evaluation of drugs
QV 772Commercial preparations. Patent medicines
QWMicrobiology and Immunology
QW 18.2Educational materials
QYClinical Pathology
QY 4General works
QY 50Laboratory animals
QY 400Blood
QZ 4General works
QZ 11History of diseases
QZ 42Iatrogenic disease (general)
QZ 50Heredity. Body constitution. Medical genetics
QZ 140Pathophysiology
QZ 200Neoplasms. Cysts
WHealth Professions
W 18General works. Directories
W 18 aAdmission
W 18 cClinical competence
W 18 eExaminations
W 18 pProblem-based learning
W 18 rReform literature. Curriculum
W 18 tTeaching. Didactics
W 19Schools and colleges
siehe W 18 Medical education, General works
W 20Graduate and continuing medical education. Residencies
W 20.5Medical research
W 21Medicine as a profession. Allied health personnel
(Nurses --> siehe WY Nursing)
(Women in medicine --> siehe auch HO 1206)
W 26.5Medical informatics. Health informatics
W 32Laws (general). Discussion of law. Medical jurisprudence
W 44Malpractice
siehe W 85 Patients
W 50Medical ethics
siehe auch WB 50 Medical practice
W 61Medical philosophy and logic
W 62Social relations of the physician. Attitude
W 74Medical economics. Health care costs. Social and environmental factors
W 76Health man power and services, distribution
W 80Practice management
W 84Health services. Quality of health care (general)
W 84.3Health services, Research
siehe W 84 Health services
W 84.6Primary health care
siehe auch W 89 Family practice [Allgemeinpraxis]
siehe auch WB 110 Family practice [Allgemeinmedizin]
W 85Patients. Attitude and compliance. Satisfaction. Self-help. Health behavior. Patient advocacy
W 87Professional practice
siehe W 21 Medicine as a profession
W 89Family practice [Allgemeinpraxis]. Private practice
siehe auch W 84.6 Primary health care
W 92Group Practice. Partnership practice
W 160Insurance
siehe W 275 Medical service plans
W 225Medicine as function of the state
siehe W 275 Medical service plans
W 275Medical, dental, pharmaceutical and psychiatric service plans
W 332Medical social work
W 700Forensic medicine and dentistry (general)
W 740Forensic psychiatry
WAPublic Health
WA 11History
WA 16Tables. Statistics
WA 18Education
siehe W 18 Medical education
WA 20.5Research (general)
siehe W 20. 5 Medical research
WA 26.5Health informatics
siehe W 26. 5 Medical informatics
WA 30Social, economic and environmental factors in public health
siehe W 74 Medical economics
siehe WA 31 Social medicine
WA 31Social medicine. Medical sociology
WA 100General works
WA 105Epidemiology
siehe auch M WA 105 Epidemiological methods
WA 108Preventive medicine (general)
WA 292First aid in illness and injury
(Notfallmassnahmen --> siehe WB 105 Emergency medicine)
WA 308Family health
siehe auch W 89 Family practice [Allgemeinpraxis]
siehe auch WB 110 Family practice [Allgemeinmedizin]
WA 309Women's health
WA 310Maternal welfare. Maternal health services
WA 320Child welfare. Child abuse. Child health services
WA 395Health in developing countries
WA 400Occupational medicine, health and hygiene
siehe auch WA 31 Medical sociology
WA 525Health administration and organization (general and international). Health policy.
(Einzelne Länder --> siehe WA 540 National health admin.)
WA 530International health administration
siehe WA 525 Health administration and organization
WA 540National and state health administration
WA 541Regional and local health administration
WA 546Local health administration. Community health services
siehe WA 541 Regional and local health administration
WA 590Health education
WA 670Sanitation and environmental control (general)
WA 900Public health statistics
siehe WA 16 Tables. Statistics
WA 950Theory or methods of medical statistics
siehe S WA 950
WBPractice of medicine
WB 15Classification. Terminology
WB 18Education
siehe W18 Medical education (ausgenommen Ambulatory care und Emergency medicine)
WB 50Medical practice
WB 100General works
WB 101Ambulatory care
WB 103Behavioral medicine
WB 104Medical psychology
WB 105Emergency medicine. Medical emergencies
WB 110Family practice [Allgemeinmedizin]. General practice
siehe auch W 84.6 Primary health care
WB 115Internal medicine
WB 120Popular medicine
siehe WB 327 Self care
WB 141Diagnosis (general)
WB 176Pain
WB 200Physical diagnosis
WB 290Medical history taking
WB 300Therapeutics (general)
WB 320Rehabilitation of the disabled
WB 327Self care
WB 365Therapeutic and diagnostic procedures
WB 400Dietetics. Diet therapy
WB 700Medical climatology. Geography of disease
WB 880Mental healing
siehe WM 90 Psychophysiologic disorders
WB 890Special systems of therapeutics. Alternative medicine
WCCommunicable diseases
WC 11History
WC 100General works
WC 503Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. HIV infections
WDImmunologic and collagen diseases. Hypersensitivity
WD 300General works
WEMusculoskeletal system
WE 140Diseases (general)
WE 168Orthopedics (general)
WE 344Arthritis
WE 544Myositis. Fibrositis. Rheumatism
WE 750Lumbosacral region. Pelvis
WFRespiratory system
WF 100General works
WGCardiovascular system
WG 120Cardiovascular diseases (general)
WG 210Heart diseases (general)
WG 340Hypertension. Hypotension
WG 600Veins
WHHernie and lymphatic systems
WH 100General works
WIDigestive system
WI 141Examination. Diagnosis
WI 300Stomach, General works
WJUrogenital system
WJ 100General works
WJ 302Kidney, Diagnosis
WKEndocrine system
WK 810Diabetes mellitus
WLNervous system
WL 100General works
WL 103Psychophysiology (general)
WL 103.5Neuropsychology
WL 103.7Psychoneuroimmunology
WL 300Central nervous system, General works
WM 11History
WM 18Education
siehe W 18 Medical education
WM 27Hospitals. Clinics. Dispensaries
WM 30Administrative psychiatry
WM 30.6Community psychiatry
WM 31Socioeconomic and environmental factors in mental illness
WM 62Social relations of the psychiatrist. Attitude
WM 90Psychophysiologic disorders. Psychosomatic medicine
WM 100General works
WM 105Clinical psychology. Mental health
WM 145Psychological tests
siehe D BF 176 Psychological test
siehe E BF 176 Psychological tests
WM 171Affective symptoms
WM 172Anxiety
WM 203Schizophrenia
WM 270Substance dependence. Substance abuse
WM 402Drug therapy
WM 420Psychotherapy (general)
WM 425Behavior therapy
WM 426Self-help groups
siehe W 85 Patients
WM 430Group psychotherapy
WM 440Milieu therapy
WM 460Psychoanalysis. Psychoanalytic theory and therapy
WM 475Communicative disorders. Speech-language pathology
WNRadiology. Diagnostic Imaging
WN 200Radiography
WO 11History
WO 18Education
WO 64Referral and consultation
WO 100General works
WO 140Surgical diseases
WO 141Surgical examination
WO 192Minor surgery. Ambulatory surgery
WO 218Anaesthesia, Education
WO 700Traumatic surgery, General works
WO 925Pediatric surgery
WP 11History
WP 18Education
WP 100General works
WQ 100General works
WQ 175Prenatal care
WR 100Dermatology and Venerology
WR 140Skin diseases
WS 100General works
WS 105Child psychology
siehe BF 713 Developmental psychology
WS 113Care and training
WS 350Childpsychiatry
siehe auch BF 713 Developmental psychology
siehe auch HQ 783 Socialization
WS 463Psychiatric problems of adolescents
siehe WS 350 Childpsychiatry
WTGeriatrics. Chronic diseases
WT 30Medicosocial problems of gerontology and chronic disease
WT 31Medical care plans. Long time care
WT 100Geriatrics, General works
WT 500Chronic diseases, General works
WV 100General works
WW 100General works
WXHospitals and other health facilities
WX 11History
WX 100General works
WX 140Health facility planning and construction
WX 150Hospital administration (general)
WX 153Utilization review. Quality of service
WX 157Financial administration. Business management
WX 158.5Hospital patients. Attitude and compliance. Satisfaction
WX 173Medical records
WX 203Medical personnel. Staff manuals
(Nurses --> siehe WY)
WX 205Ambulatory care facilities
siehe WB 101 Ambulatory care
WX 218Intensive care units. Critical care
WY 11History. Development. Trends
WY 16Nursing as a profession
WY 18Education
WY 20.5Research
WY 100General works on nursing procedures
WY 115Home care services
WY 152Long term care. Terminal care
WZHistory of medicine
WZ 18History of medical education
WZ 40General works
WZ 54Medieval history
WZ 55Modern history (1454-)
WZ 59Late modern history (1801-). Trends
WZ 6019th century
siehe WZ 59 Late modern history
WZ 6420th century
siehe WZ 59 Late modern history
WZ 100Biographies
WZ 330Medicine in literature and art
WZ 345History of medical writing and publishing
siehe Q223 Communication in sciences